Batman Hoodie maybe for my birthday at least...I just really love batman

Batman Hoodie maybe for my birthday at least.I just really love batman. Hey mum buy this for me

Lol oh man I need this. Total inside joke with Jase and I.

Lol oh man I need this.I just wish it had Robin instead of Batman. But I can still get it for my friend who LOVES Batman.

This is actual one item that Phil and I might both love, the detail is gorgeous, I almost didn't even realize it was a batman mirror!

Even Superheroes Check Themselves On The Way Out The Door

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I heard that Neil Patrick Harrison is gonna be the riddler. He is my second fave actor, my first is Jim Carrey who has already played The riddler, plus The Riddler is my favorite bad guy. All my favorite things.///Batman stuff is cool.

The most important thing in life is to be yourself. Unless you can be Darth Batman. Always be Darth Batman

10 Amazing Fan-Made Fictional Character Crossovers

Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition Fountain Pen (HOLY CRAP!) WOW!! A Bat Pen! I really like this one.

Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition Fountain Pen The only way i'll take notes

When he realized his alter ego was Batmatt. | 31 Times Matt Smith Was The Most Perfect Human Being Ever

letters-to-matt-smith: Dear Matt,Batman? Yes, I know The Doctor got dressed up as Batman. I agree, it’s awesome :) even you can make batman look fit

The Batman by ~anderssondavid1 on deviantART #Batman #DarkKnightRises

Batman Begins. "But as a symbol? As a symbol, I can be.incorruptible, I can be everlasting.