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Pets & Wildlife

None of these pictures are mine unless stated otherwise.

Pets & Wildlife

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Lioness leads cub across road

Overbooked Crazy Cat Lady Photo by ©aswike66~Scott

“Okay, you may now kiss the bride.” Photo via Voices From Russia

Illustration via Facebook

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Photo by ©Yogi

“I don’t want to play Tutankhamun’s Mummy anymore… Is boring…” Photo via thug-cat

“And don’t you dare mess with my bro because you’ll regret it!!” Photo via BuzzFeed

“No, sweetie, don’t say that! Of course I’m your real mommy!!” Photo by ©Scott Allan

“What? You’re not expecting me to thank you, are you? That’s not a real mouse!!” Photo by ©DoodleCats

“I was wandering the streets of Los Angeles, tiny and alone. Then JoAnn found me and rescued me. I’m very happy now!” Photo by ©Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws)  Please support Hope For Paws

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” Photo via Animalamici

“It’s dangerous to space travel alone! Take this!”

“Could you please keep it down a bit? He finally fell asleep!” Photo by ©joanne strange

“Shhh, I’m listening to the ants!” Photo by ©Aymon Roche

How to pack a bag with essential travel items. Photo by ©Juliana Bussab

Ginger Spoon Photo via imgur

“Oh, I see…” Photo via Beco dos Gatos

Perfect spot for a nap! Photo by ©ひなもよふ

“GET THE FUCK OFF MY ROOF!” Photo by ©Liliane Pelegrini

Internet addiction among cats is a growing concern… Photo by ©smellers

“Kiss my nose!” Photo by ©1725canon

“Kiss my cheek!” Photo by ©1725canon

“Casper and Wendy were rescued by a couple who found them in their backyard. The mom had abandoned her kittens so they took them in and cared for them until a cat rescue volunteer brought them to us. While their three siblings did not make it, Casper and Wendy thrived to become the cuddliest and snuggliest kittens!

Like mother like daughter. Even though the kitten has the spitting image of her mom, their personalities are completely different according to Fioleetka.

Meet Tyrion, this little guy stole his human’s heart. No one knows where he came from. Before he was found, he was a little stray. “My friend found him and I took him as soon as I saw a picture,” said Kevin via reddit. Who can possibly resist that face?