Safety by Zoran Tenkes (via Creattica)

Don't text and drive!

How To Stop Teens From Texting While Driving

Monday: DON’T text and Life can change at any given second. Care for your life not just your


Safety for you, for all. Poster for the WPA Illinois Safety Division promoting safety, showing a civil defense symbol. Original created as a color silkscreen for the IL office of the Federal Art Project, WPA, in And designed by Carken.

Don't text and drive!

The State of New York Is Implementing Texting And Driving Laws -

don't text and drive

humorous and thought-provoking stickers just what the doctor ordered. Each snarky saying will make a bold statement on any car, laptop, bike or surface you could possibly imagine.

Wear Sunscreen!!!

I chose this pin solidly because of the poster. It has bright colour that say Wear Sunscreen. It attracts the eye to encourage others to wear sunscreen.

Always wear sunscreen!

A spoonful of humor: 14 comics for a dose of life's best medicine

I told you to wear sunscreen - Funny cartoon with sun tanning corn making popcorn.

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