Focus On Transitions – Week 4 by Horse Listening

Focus On Transitions - Week 4

EUREKA MOMENT – OPEN YOUR HIPS: Difficulty sitting the canter? sitting trot not so smooth? trouble sitting deeply? knees turned out? There’s an easy solution … open your hips! simple – right? It is. Learned this riding bareback @age 10.

Eureka Moment - Open your hips – The Crystal System - Dressage

Good website for rope tack

Ky-ean Horse Wear

Walk in fence

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Handmade western concho. $15.00

WESTERN CONCHO 1" - Western Conchos & Buckles - Product

Beautiful Bucktan Chinks by Sierra Custom Leather

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Coconut oil works wonders on a horses mane and tail. Just massage it into the base of the mane or tail and leave it don't wash it out. You can do it as much as you like. It will soon make it soft and supple and also helps with hair growth. You can buy it from the store.

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custom cowboy canteen | Basket Trim Sonora Chinks

Basket Trim Sonora Chinks

Coconut Oil for Horses - Top 10 Uses | Savvy Horsewoman. I think I'm gonna try this for hoof conditioner, much cheaper than store bought!

Coconut Oil for Horses - Top 10 Uses | Savvy Horsewoman

Great Basin Chinks - Traditional Gear for Today's Horseman

This cinch is amazing

Mohair Cinch_Cinch_Safes_Chafe Guards


Tying Knots That Work for Horses | Eclectic Horseman Magazine

Entry Title: " Cary Schwarz, Saddler, Western Artist" Name: Ilona McCarty, United States Category: Professional, Other_AD

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KEEP CALM and heels down, keep rhythm, shoulders back, eyes forward, quiet hands and LEG ON! #ilovestylemyride #stylemyride @SMRequestrian

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Website of horse care tips ~ You could lose hours here!

Detangling a Matted Mane

Five Exercises to Improve Your Riding Seat and Leg Position – America’s Horse Daily | America's Horse Daily

Five Exercises to Improve Your Riding Seat and Leg Position

Hat sizes

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This was a “frosted” metallic acid wash calfskin. The ice blue metallic acid wash really sets these off. As the supply was very limited ther...

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Hollywood Dun It, one of the best-minded stallions ever!

Brown points instead of black?

Hollywood Dun It - legendary reining stallion

McQuay Stables: General » Hollywood Dun It » dunit_h_s.jpg

Hollywood Dun It- beautiful representation of the american quarter horse ;)

Horse Showing Archives – America’s Horse Daily

Hollywood Dun It One of the greatest reining horses

McQuay Stables: General » Hollywood Dun It » 2002hdi2.jpg teeth age chart | Aging horses' teeth by Galvayne's groove.

Horse Remedies - Cowboy Showcase

this part of the horses nose it the VERY best kissable part of a horse. I love my horsey kisses