5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play - Awesome guest post and freebie by Leigh from the Applicious Teacher with 5 terrific (and easy) math games

5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play


Missing addend game with eggs and jelly beans or lima beans. Good for small groups

Egg Blog! | Heidi Songs


10 ways to practice multiplication beyond the flash cards.

10 Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts


Great, hands-on way to teach kids what teen numbers really mean. {A Hand Made Childhood}

Montessori Teen Board … on the fly-A Handmade Childhood


Time Flies board game for telling time to the minute (free)

Differentiation Station: Time Flies


A great blog post with lots of detail about how a first grade teacher organizes her math time to allow for guided math groups and differentiated instruction.

Keep Teaching and Planning!: Guided Math in detail!


Consolidate 2D shape names and number of sides. FREE!

2D Shapes When You Only Have A Minute - Liz's Early Learning Spot


Free Posters! Great for Early Finishers!!

Tales from a Fourth Grade MathNut: Inflation


Use clothespins with answers to practice addition. This can work for subtraction as well. #math #addition #kindergarten

Clothespin Easy Math Activity with FREE Printable


Check out this FREEBIE preview!

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Duh! Why haven't I done this before? Kids need to see before they remember. LL

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!: A Peek at My Week + Skittles!


That's So Second Grade!

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Multiplication strategies foldable(equal groups, array, repeated addition, skip counting, and number lines)

The Short and Sassy Teacher


Free Printable Place Value Slider…what a great teaching tool!

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Math fact Kaboom! While this post is for first grade, it would work GREAT for multiplication and division facts for 2nd-4th grades! The video on the post tells you exactly what to do. GREAT for a center, or to use as a whole class activity when you are out and have a sub.

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DO-IT-YOURSELF CRAFT STICK WHOLE CLASS or SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY: Classroom DIY: DIY Mental Math Game (Two paragraph mini lesson is attached)

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Focusing on the Critical Areas of Common Core Math

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Common Core Math

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Classifying Polygons practice or test - All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. If your curriculum requires you to teach specific quadrilateral and triange concepts, you'll find this 4-page document to be very helpful. Because it has 2 versions, you can use the first form for identifying misunderstandings and the second form for retesting students after you reteach the concept. Answer keys are included. Please download the preview version before purchasing. $

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Previous pinner said: "Unifix cubes to teach money! Great visual for how much each is worth."

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Effective Questioning in Math freebie

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Math Journaling

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Visual representations for place value

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Guided Math wall posters, games, card games and more! What a great site!

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Geometry riddles.

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