$1 shower caddy for when kids have to eat in the car.

Using a Dollar Tree shower caddy to eat fast food in the car. Future road trips with the kids just got a whole lot more awesome.or use for snacks, picnics, homemade lunches on road trips!

Mommy's Little Sunshine: Over The Top Hair Bow Tutorial

Over The Top Hair Bow Tutorial - they give you the steps, you change them up or add as you design your own! Babies to "big" girls!

paper bows | DIY Trendy

Paper Bow Template for some super easy gift wrapper crafting, or you could use this same template on some ribbon and make bows to go on ornaments to give to your big or little! Make out of ribbon for a little girls bow.

A day in the life of Preachmans Wife: Hair Bow Tutorial

As promised, here is a *quite lengthy* tutorial on how I do hair bows. What you will need: ribbon hair clip needle and thread lighter sciss.