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English Daisies in Pots spring flowers daisy pots spring pics english daisy

we will sell these amazing embroidered Mexican cushions as well as cool crochet hammocks like this green one. and rugs and bags and ottomans and EVERYTHING BOHO. I'd take a hammock and some pillows

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Note - the cathedral corner, the pipping is perfect; it was swen in the fabric, rather than attached (? The stripes in the arm blends so well from fold-to-fold.

Me? No, I did not steal your coffee cup. Honest I didn't. You don't believe me? I can't believe that! My other paw - ohh it's just under the table here!

Can a kitten give puppy dog eyes? We think this fur-baby has the puppy dog eyes mastered!

Twig Lamp Shade tutorial

Twig Lamp Shade - made from an old wire shade and natural twigs - via Shabby Creek Cottage OR DRIFT WOOD!

Not sure this would be as pretty in real life since the down shot is what works. One of my favorite flowers! lovely multi-colored ranunculus vases arranged in the shape of a heart