Make a Gorgeous Paper Orchid Plant

Make a Gorgeous Paper Orchid Plant

Make a Gorgeous Paper Orchid could paint the petals whatever colors you wanted to make them look more like orchids

tilda hearts

Tilda hearts with cats and rabbits, Herz mit Katzen und Hasen

Adorei esse organizador!!!


The *Desk Organizer Tray* is a very cute and unique organizer! The Desk Organizer Tray allows you to organize all your items on your desk in a single location. The Desk Organizer Tray comes with 7 boxes altogether with 6 small boxes that can all f.

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Tutorial: DIY Paper Dahlias by Lia Griffith- if I am ever crazy enough to make paper flowers again, these are very pretty.

Orchid bloom

DIY Paper Orchid Tutorial, so pretty, and orchids I could actually take care of.

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These pretty spring blooms are made from Martha Stewart cupcake wraps. Follow the tutorial to create a gorgeous bouquet from this unexpected…

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DIY Crepe Paper Peonies Tutorial by Lia Griffith - Papers by Cartotecnica Rossi (US Retailer: Carte Fini)

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DIY Rose Bouquet Tutorial with Free Printable Template -- Don't know if I'd ever need/want a bouquet of paper roses. But I like and want to make note of how the stems/handle is done.

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Make Metallic Paper Dahlias & Seeded Eucalyptus for Fall