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Athena | Achieve with Athena
Boston, MA / Owner and Founder of Achieve with Athena | Personal Trainer | Fitness Instructor | Foodie | Blogger
Athena | Achieve with Athena
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Ezekial bread topped with Hood cottage cheese (pear and honey), sliced pear, and slivered almonds

Three Cottage Cheese Snacks in Five Minutes or Less

Cottage cheese, blueberry, and cinnamon make for a delicious breakfast! This one uses the new maple flavor from Hood!

This post is sponsored by Hood®. All opinions are my own. I am definitely someone who tends to go through phases with the meals and snacks I eat. For example, right now I’m on a huge kick with scr…

Fun finds at Dick's Sporting Goods for the winter!

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick’s Sporting Goods®. Does anyone else thinking that New Year’s comes at the complete wrong time of the year?

How to Create an Autoresponder for Your Mailing List

I’ve discussed why mailing lists are important and I’ve shared about the ins and outs of using Mailchimp, but there’s one crucial piece to effectively utilizing a mailing list that I haven’t covered q