Tiny baby things. I squealed.

Animals should always stay in their baby form…

I am such a dog person but seriously . a kitten is the cutest thing ever . and a baby panda . and a baby pengouin . I want them AAALLLL! my heart

You will never love anything as much as this little girl loves her fish.

It’s so fishy I’m gonna die…

Aww hahaha poor fish but this girl is so cute. Haha I feel so bad for her and the fish.

well this is terrifyingly accurate of my childhood

The good old days

these are all so true! Except the gum and the wonderball for me. The rest define my childhood.

Makes me smile

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

"please can i sleep in your bed?he whines and paces if he can't sleep on the bed with me


Don’t judge a book by its cover…

Don't judge a book by its cover, I hate math, school textbook, funny, humor meme

This is beautiful. 2 lives, 1 bowl.

One Pot, Two Lives The fish eats and ‘wastes out’ its lunch, the plant feeds on its nutrients. The plant eats some water and filters it down so it is clean for the fish. Now the challenge is can I keep both a house plant AND a fish alive?

If you own a dog, then you can identify with these…

If you own a dog, then you can identify with these

OMG I want this

Funny pictures about I survived college. Oh, and cool pics about I survived college. Also, I survived college.


In Case of Fire Break Glass (and roast marshmallows). It's the "glass half full" approach to life, life gives you lemons: you make s'mores.

dutch shepherd pup cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!

dutch shepherd pup cutest thing I have ever seen!awww, I bet Carlos looked like this when he was a pup!