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A handy printable guide that shows fabric measurements like quarter yards, fat eighths, etc. Quilts, Quilt Blocks, Quilting, Quilting Notions, Quilting Techniques, Fat Quarters, Quilt Making, Quilters, Quilt Inspiration
What Makes Quilting Cotton Unique?
Head on over to our blog post to learn all about the differences between quilting and other 100% cotton fabrics PLUS explanations of quilting-specific fabric measurements!
red and white fabric with a quote on it that says, let's talk about quilting cotton and what makes it unique
What is Quilting Cotton? | A Thrifty Notion
We've all wondered at some point, "why is quilting cotton singled out? What makes it special?" Fabric choice can make or break your sewing project, so we want to talk about it! Check out this blog post for answers to all your quilting cotton questions including an explanation of quilting measurements like fat quarters and fat eighths. Plus, a handy printable guide!
Sustainable, Deadstock, and Secondhand Quilting Cottons | A Thrifty Notion
Come peruse our treasure trove of secondhand and deadstock quilting cotton fabrics! All fabrics at A Thrifty Notion are deadstock, secondhand, or sourced consciously from brands that prioritize sustainability. Come check them out!
Let's Quilt Sustainably | A Thrifty Notion
At A Thrifty Notion, all our fabrics are secondhand, deadstock, or sourced mindfully from manufacturers with sustainable practices! Come check out our selection of quilting cottons that are sure to brighten your day!
a blue quilt hanging from a wooden structure
A Quilter's Table: Venti
a close up of a quilt with many different colors
All Finished!! 30's Reproduction Tumbler Quilt
This is beautiful....looks like a fun and easy quilt to try. http://www.saltwaterquilts.com/2012/04/all-finished-30s-reproduction-tumbler.html
the crumb quilting pattern with text overlay that says crumb quilting
Crumb Quilting Tutorial: No Scrap Is Too Small!
an empty room with white walls and wooden flooring
a bed with an orange and white quilt on it's headboard next to a lamp
a person standing in front of a large quilt
So happy with this finished quilt top. Pattern was free from art gallery fabrics.
FREE EBOOK: 13 Colorful Quilt Block Patterns
an old quilt with many different colors and patterns
Crazy Quilt by GJ Glorijean
Crazy Quilt Photograph - Crazy Quilt by GJ Glorijean
a colorful quilt hanging on the side of a fence
New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt-Along – OccasionalPiece–Quilt!
New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt-Along | OccasionalPiece--Quilt!