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    Amanda Ketcham

    Jesus is my rock // Creativity inspires me // Photography is my passion//

    Magnolia DIY Boot Tray By Joanna Gaines | January 29, 2015 | magnoliahomes.net...

    Build this Restoration Hardware Inspired Dining Table for only $110! Great tutorial and FREE Plans!

    "Lovely Ink / forearm cursive" in Tattoo

    Forearm Love Yourself Tattoo for Girls

    I don't know about you, but I'm constantly looking out for beautiful artwork and ideas to decorate our walls. I love changing things up and am usually re-arranging things frequently. Today, I thought I'd share with you a few ideas for decoarting your walls and some free downloads I've found around the internet. Also - look out for the coupon code to download a free print from the Maiedae print shop at the end of this post! :) watercolor // love you to the moon // I like boring ...

    DIYs You Need for Your First Apartment | Apartment Shoe Shelf

    Gorgeous and likely do-able (from Chris loves Julia)

    A roundup of fun, trendy and beautiful free printables for gallery walls. From patterns to calligraphy to modern stock pics, we've got your hip prints here.

    DIY | abstract art tutorial, such a pretty and creative home decor idea!

    The canvas is very DIY so the writing can be personal or song lyrics you like.

    Gold and solid colored canvas | 23 DIY Projects For People Who Suck At DIY

    Remember this when I move next time. Why didn't I think of this the one million times I've moved, duh!

    Photographer’s Wedding Day Checklist | Two Blooms-Lightroom Presets & Marketing Tools for Photographers

    wedding photography checklist | Printable Wedding Photography Shot List

    Greatly appreciate thephoblographer. Love/Hate this list of wedding shots to take. Like, remembering all the details...hate how cookie cutter weddings are...

    Most photographers will ask you if there are any particular poses or photos that you want them to capture on your wedding day. If you’re not sure what in the world you want, here’s a good list from KnotForLife.com to check and hand over to your photographer.

    Use shower curtain rings and a clothes hanger to organize scarves!