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An English teacher writes a top-ten list of advice for high school freshmen including these two: build relationships from the very beginning and be honest.

Alpha Warrior has got to be the most AWESOME obstacle course ever!

Alpha Warrior has got to be the most AWESOME obstacle course ever!

Why YOU should do a mud run or obstacle race!

VEGANS: This athlete swears by veganism - find out why!

How to start training for your first Mud Run

By: ATLX Expert Brett Stewart Getting Started They’re called “Mud RUNS” for a reason, right?

How elite athletes lose and maintain weight for peak performance

By: ATLX Expert Dr. Rob Ziltzer Losing weight while training to compete at a high level can present .

When it comes to nutrition, TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Find out why!

Not only does chocolate milk tastes good, but the two recent studies from The University of Texas at Austin show that it’s also the ideal post-workout recovery drink.

Is sea salt really healthier than table salt?

By: Sarah McWilliams The marketing efforts of expensive advertising agencies would have you believe .

Knees popping? Here's when to worry...

Here's when to worry. *UPDATE* just read it. I should go to the doc. eh, too lazy.

How to treat ankle sprains for athletes

How to help a sprained ankle i got sprained ankle,running on a sprained ankle sprained ankle recovery time,fastest way to cure a sprained ankle how to rehab a sprained ankle.