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Amazing Different Types of Dragon

Edit: I kinda made up names for them. Forest dragon Fire dragon Dragon of death Sea dragon Air or earth dragon Dragon of war Dragon of chaos Dragon of the undead Normal dragon Ice dragon

Small Dungeon Level. by billiambabble on deviantART

Floor plan of a dungeon level. Good idea of a more detailed sketch, as the areas are clearly in proper proportion and scale to one another so you can more easily judge the scale of the map.

Dungeon map by Dyson Logos at

With all the attention given to one-hour dungeon maps, I thought I would actually try my hand at actually timing myself while drawing a map. The trend was started with a dungeon map over at Planet …


It *almost* maps to a cube. A cubic map would be bad enough to inflict on a party, but one with different sized faces, which don't quite match a cubic topology?

Dungeon map by Plasse 2014

Small dungeon map by Plasse 2014