Best Eats on the Planet

The best of the best eateries from all around the world. If you simply cannot describe how good your experience or food was at a venue, it goes in here.
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The Pub - Möpse trinken Bier. Literally the best burger we've had so far, hands down. Great staff and awesome bar!

Viva Brazil Glasgow. One word...EPIC. staff are absolutley excellent and the meat is ridiculous. One mouthful and you'll realise you've never eaten proper, well cooked meat before. Go here or miss out.

Sapporo - 2-6 Ingram Street, Merchant City, Glasgow, Scotland. - Classic teppanyaki dining in the heart of glasgow. The performance is awesome but don't be too distracted or you may miss the fact that the food is utterly spectacular. Words won't do the flavours justice so I won't try. Go, try it, fall in love with it.

Mosquito - Calle Carders, 46, 08003 Barcelona, Spain - Beautiful little bar/restaurant serving fusion asian tapas. If you are in barcelona for any amount of time, you MUST eat here. This place is what this board is all about. You'll understand as soon as you take your first bite of their food.

TriBeca - 102 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, Scotland. - Charming, chilled and relaxing atmosphere, attentive, helpful staff. As soon as our breakfast arrived I turned to Sharon and said: "Ok, so this place just made the board..." TriBeca offers New York themed food at classic New York quality. Sharon and I ate breakfast at a diner across the road from our hotel on 8th ave every morning we were in NY. TriBeca was way better...nuff said. Looking forward to many more breakfast dates here with the ...

Tsunahachi; Shinjuku, Tokyo. Probably the best tempura restaurant in the world. The original restaurant is a little off the beaten track in Shinjuku, but well worth the visit. A visit to Tokyo is not complete if you don't eat here! All tempura freshly made right in front of you by very talented tempura chefs. English menu provided, along with a guide on the best salts to eat with your tempura. There's apparently several around Tokyo - however, one of the more modern branches is on...

Gonpachi; Roppongi, Tokyo. Inspired Quentin Tarantino to use the layout of the restaurant in the Kill Bill films. Lovely atmosphere, beautiful interiors, amazing yakitori. Moderately expensive.

Yo Sushi - Glasgow - House of Fraser 45 Buchanan Street Glasgow, Scotland. - Bustling, busy but bright and fresh atmosphere, attentive, happy staff and sushi-tastic food! Chef's make the food in a central open-plan kitchen in the middle of the venue. Plates file past on a conveyor belt in true sushi bar style and said food is so tasty it converted me to sushi. Have had literally hundreds of meals here with the Girl - -

Hillhead Bookclub - 17 Vinicombe Street, Glasgow, Scotland. - Great, fresh atmosphere, friendly, chilled staff and mega-cool food! Definition of what this board is all about. HB is such a must. If you are in the vicinity of byres road and you fancy some grub or a drink, you won't regret checking them out. Have had several noms here with the Girl - -

Hard Rock Cafe - New York - 1501 Broadway New York, NY 10036, USA. - Great atmosphere, helpful staff epic food, amazing venue. Had a great time here with the Girl - -

Hard Rock Cafe - Barcelona - Plaça de Catalunya, 21.08002 Barcelona, Spain. - Fun atmosphere, happy, bubbly staff (They thought I was a Rock Star! Seriously, they did! Apparently 'Jon Ross' is such a cool name, it sounds like it should belong to a rock star!) and, of course, epic food. Had an awesome time there when I was in Barcelona with the Girl - -

Hard Rock Cafe - Edinburgh - 20 George Street, Edinburgh EH2-2PH, Scotland - Great atmosphere, friendly staff and mega-awesome burgers! Makes this board very easily. Have had much nom there with the Girl - -

Katz's Deli - 205 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10002, United States. - Bustling, lively atmosphere, great food, massive choice, clever ordering / payment system, part of NY history. Had some mega matzo-ball soup here with the Girl - -