Freeze water in a surgical glove for a scary ice cube!

12 Halloween Treats So Delicious It’s Scary

Halloween creepy party punch, freeze water in a surgical glove for a scary ice cube. I've always liked this idea. You can also fill the glove with the punch so the ice doesn't water it down. Note: make sure NOT to use the powdered gloves.

Jack-O-Lantern Orange Cups

Individually packaged mandarin orange cups + a permanent marker = healthy Halloween treats for a class party. Might even do this just as a Halloween treat for trick or treaters!

Mummy door made with white streamers and giant construction paper eyes.  So easy and so amazing looking!

DIY Halloween Front Door Mummy * Crepe-Paper Streamers, printer paper, and contact paper (or construction paper) * super cheap and easy Halloween decoration * (could the eyes be glow-in-the-dark?

This would be easy to make with cake balls/truffles  - stick a gummy lifesaver and chocolate chip on top!

I've got to remember this for Halloween! Eyeball cookies: White chocolate-dipped sandwich cookies, gummy lifesavers and chocolate chips! maybe instead of sandwich cookies, use oreo balls?

Instead of a wreath at Halloween. Cute, easy, and different! so creative!

TUTORIAL: 10 min Giant Yarn Spider Web {cute door decor} - would be really cute with monogram initial or a spider!

DIY Halloween chain from pipe insulation, and other cheap and easy Halloween decoration ideas.

Another pinner said: Explorations of Your Inner Crafter: Halloween and my obsession with DIY decorations - Pt 2 - 2012 - Making your own Halloween decorations - chain from pipe insulation

How to create the Witch Crash >> awesome!

Witch Crash How awesome is this? This DIY witch Halloween decor is by a guy who does set design and custom props. In other words, he knows what he's doing and this Halloween craft project is all sorts of brilliant

Fake pumpkins hung from ceiling with invisible thread and lit by a glow stick.

"Hogwarts Halloween Feast Floating Jack-O-Lanterns." Foam pumpkins hung from ceiling/porch with invisible thread, lit by a glow neat to hang from trees on Halloween night.

Mouse Motel

Ah, an unusual Halloween pumpkin or jack-o-lantern with mice or rats from Martha Stewart Living where they actually call it a mouse motel, LOL.

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How-To: Fake fire baskets | MAKE

How-To: Fake fire baskets

DIY For Halloween - My Honeys Place

DIY For Halloween

without the bow, cute monster wreath for front door monster party. DIY Make a Monster Tulle Wreath

a white stocking with stuffing freaky!!!

DIY Halloween decor ideas :: Use a white stocking with stuffing inside and add more spiders to the bottom then around. You could also put a glow stick in a water balloon and have it look like they're surrounding a glowing egg sack.

using pool noodles you too can achieve this halloween look! Needed; -2 pool noodles -striped stockings -gardening pot -shoes -any other decor needed broom, sign etc. Happy Halloween Decorating!!

If I can find mannequin legs, I'm making this witchy Halloween display for my front porch. I have the legs yeah a

Hello My Sparkly Friends!I have had so many requests for this tutorial I am re-posting  it for now and will post my new improved ones f...

The Pink Pixie Forest: Lawn Ghost Re-Post - made with plastic paint drop cloths - need rebar posts to hold up ghost figures and paper to stuff for heads.

One of the most clever DIY Halloween wreaths! Turn a pinecone wreath into a monster with a little spray paint. Love this idea!

Pinecone Monster Halloween Wreath Tutorial

One of the most clever wreaths I've seen! Turn a pinecone wreath into a Monster Halloween Wreath. This monster wreath does not disappoint. Or spray paint pine cones gold with red poinsettia's for Christmas.

lace Halloween wreath

20 DIY Halloween Wreath Tutorials

Halloween wreath - orange pool noodle with black lace and flower. i would lose the flower and add cooler halloween stuff but love the orange with black lace idea