The language of friendship is not words but meanings." ~Henry David Thoreau ....No shinies, only shining spirits!

At last moment of your life no bad vibes surrounds you. Think every day of your life as your last day run in the rain

They look like they are enjoying themselves - I would love to see a picture of them doing this when they were young girls. <3

Group of Senior Women, Laughing and Dancing- As a young woman I always said…

A boy and his dog.

ETHIOPIA, BOY ON A BOMB BY DARIO MITIDIERI. S) - can you imagine your child living like this, where a bomb in their yard or playground is so "normal" they would just sit on it with their best friend and look out at the world?

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what a great photo.little boys who imitate men.a very important observation in life.your little man is always watching you.