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What are the Audeze LCD-X? The Audeze LCD-X are high-end headphones willing to make no compromises on sound quality. If you want something to plug into your iPhone as you saunter about listening to Taylor Swift, run away now. Read more at

Teebee Going in on low transients attack/release @SubPac @Audeze

Above & Beyond Got our hands on the @Audeze LCD-X. Been loving mixing on the LCD-XC so looking forward to getting working on these!

Well, I would be lying if I said the newest entry from Audeze wasn’t the talk of the town at CES, at least within the confines of the headphone crowd. The EL-8 (derived from the word elated) will arrive in both closed back and open flavors for the same price, this time around for $699.

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DT Top Tech of #CES2015 winner: Congrats @Audeze for winning Best in Headphones for the El-8! #DTCES

Michael Mercer on

@Audeze EL-8 @iriver_Lyumo 240 @ChordAudio Hugo - @_Recondite_ s Iffy... …

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@ChordAudio John Franks sharing mutual respect with @Audeze two top blokes n products. #CES2015

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Stevie Wonder sounds out EL-8 hi-def, planar magnetic headphones at Audeze. @Audeze #CES2015