Catching Fire FREE Figurative Language Sentence Strips

Catching Fire Figurative Language Sentence Strips

Price $3.00 Remember the old adage,"The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill."? In Simple Adages and Proverbs Task Cards, learners learn to understand time honored advice after reading and participating in activities about adages and proverbs.

Adages and Proverbs Task Cards

▶ Using Context Clues to improve vocabulary - YouTube This video is terrific!

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Country Black - Kitchen Braided Rug

Country Black - Kitchen Braided Rug

PB Classic Dining Chair Cushion, Large, Faux Suede Metal Gray

PB Classic Dining Chair Cushion


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16 FREE task cards focusing on prefixes (un, re, pre, mis, & dis) and suffixes (-er, -est, -ful, -less, -able, & -er)

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Prefixes and Suffixes Teaching Ideas for First Grade and Kindergarten

Prefixes and Suffixes Teaching Ideas for First Grade and Kindergarten

My students use this handout as a tool for their writing. It helps them to use vivid words and stay away from "dead' ones. I usually make copies on a cardstock paper and lamianate it. My students keep this handout as a reference in their binders. Check out my other products:Interactive Reading Notebook Lessons for Fiction: Plot and SummaryInteractive Fiction Notebook Lessons: ConflictRevision Voice Mini-Lesson: Adding "Heartbeat Moments"Writing with VoiceWhat Makes a Great Personal Narrative...

Vivid Word Choice Handout

50 subordinating conjunctions

50 Subordinating Conjunctions and Why They Matter

Great vocabulary activity.

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Vocabulary Center Activity. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources



Four-in-a-Row: Vocabulary Game

Five Tips for Targeting Multiple Meaning Words

Five Tips for Targeting Multiple Meaning Words





CONJUNCTIONS – Books for Speech

CONJUNCTIONS | Books for Speech

tips to maximize vocab instruction

5 Tips to Maximize Your Vocabulary Instruction

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Looks Like Language is celebrating 1,000 followers! Thank you for your support! **My sincere apologies if you already downloaded this! I uploaded the cover photo instead of the file! Too much celebrating, haha! Please re-download!!These organizers can be used with my Describing and Inferring packets or with your own activities.

Describing and Inferring Organizers Freebie

The Power of Vocabulary for Kids with Hearing Loss

The Power of Words: Why Vocabulary is so Important for Kids with Hearing Loss

This is a fun and interactive way to target curriculum vocabulary in the classroom or in therapy. (Great to use in groups!)This game covers 5 vocabulary areas: define, synonym, antonym, category, multiple meaning words.To use this activity, put the powerpoint in presentation mode.

Middle School-High School Semantics/Vocabulary Jeopardy

20+ Categories Practice for Speech Therapy Practice

20+ Categories Practice for Speech Therapy Practice

Tricky Prepositions - Writers Write

Tricky Prepositions

My middle schoolers LOVE playing Bananagrams so I designed this game companion to target vocabulary skills to make the game even more a-PEEL-ing!This game companion features a set of game and score cards that turns word-making fun into a challenge to name synonyms, antonyms, word associations and build sentences using the words students create with the Bananagram letter tiles.Students create word grids, crossword-style and then use these words to play a game.

Building Vocabulary with Bananagrams: a Game Companion