The Home Entertainment Show - Newport Beach 2014

High-end Audio, hi-fi, and stereos
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a woman standing behind two wooden tables in a room
Neli in the Acapella room during setup
a large hotel with palm trees in the foreground and a white truck driving by
The main show hotel: the Hilton at the John Wayne airport
there are two paintings on the shelf next to each other and one is holding a trumpet
Merryl Jaye Studio art
a man sitting on a chair next to a giant red object in a room with black and white checkered flooring
Vivid speaker and Albert Porter
there are many books and magazines on the table
M-A Recordings booth
there are many speakers in the room with red carpeting on the floor and plants
Focal speakers and Boulder Audio electronics
a close up of a clock with the words ouul appostaz on it
D'agostino amp faceplate
there are many speakers that are on the table and in front of them is a speaker system
Gauder Akustik speakers
a large blue object sitting on top of a wooden stand
Acapella Audio Arts' Atlas horn speaker
there are many electronic devices on display in this room, including speakers and other electronics
Wilson speakers and Constellation Audio electronics
an empty room with speakers and tables in the center, set up for a party
Perfect8 speakers
a computer tower sitting on top of a floor next to a window with the word capitol written on it
Astell&Kern Castor speaker
a speaker sitting next to a potted plant on the floor in front of a wall
Sonus Faber Elipsa speaker
there are many speakers in the room
Wilson speakers and VTL electronics
a turntable sitting on top of a table with other electronic equipment around it and a red wall in the background
TechDAS Air Force Two turntable