cutest thing ever. #bucketlist

Bucket List - Grow Old With Someone I Love. Doesn't have to be a husband. I want to grow old with a friend as well.


i will have a sexy body by the time my husband comes home from his deployment ! I will be working out at my Aunts base all the time . i have to in order to feel good bout myself .

Like my grandparents #truelove

Have a wedding anniversary, I don't know if we will be alive then. We'll celebrate wedding anniversary this year!


Health - Yoga seems very relaxing and fun, I've been wanting to do it for a while now and I know I'm going to sometime in my life


Kiss Someone At Midnight On New Years. Our first midnight new years kiss in As a derhay


Image detail for -beach, before i die, bucket list, bucketlist, kiss - inspiring picture . I'll probably do more than kiss.


Change someone's life whether it be a grand change or even a minuscule change. I want to change someone's life for the better.

: ]

I want to skinny dip in the ocean before I die. :) I know this weird but it would be fun!

every girl needs one

Before I Die. I will own a pair od louboutins red bottom shoes.