Faire infuser votre eau avec des fruits, des légumes ou des herbes. | 13 Easy Ways To Drink More Water Every Day

Strawberry lime cucumber mint water -- so refreshing and healthy too! This isn't my photo but I have had fruit infused water and its the best, it makes you want to have water

Eau détox framboise citron

Eau détox framboise citron - Le buzz des eaux détox - Elle à Table

Eau détox framboise citron In a mason jar or mug, fill the jar full with your choice of fruit and herb, then muddle with a wooden spoon Fill the jar with ice cubes Then, fill the jar with filtered water or chilled sparkling water, enjoy!

Infusion détox citron vert gingembre menthe

Lemon-ginger-mint infusion, the perfect drink to clean your body and mind.