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Plastic palace greenhouse

Students create recycled plastic bottle greenhouse

Orca Footprints Series #tlchat #austl 2014 - CCBC Best Books 2014 - Information Book Award nominee 2013 - Resource Links "The Year's Best"

Orca Footprints | Brilliant

Orca Footprints series

Orca Footprints | Trash Talk

Government of South Australia, SA Water and KESAB logos A resource to support units of work covering the topics of water quality and water sustainability. Useful information about ‘Untreated water’, ‘Safe drinking water’, ‘Using water wisely’ and ‘Who’s looking after your water?’ Curriculum support materials including curriculum-linked lesson ideas and student activity sheets. Interactive case studies that tell the stories of ‘What’s in the water’, ‘Bore-to-tap’ and ‘Using water wisely’.

APY Lands

Students understand that there are many different definitions of #sustainability & recognise common themes in these different definitions. Students identify how they think about and define sustainability.

Defining sustainability - Years 5 & 6 - Cool Australia

ANSTO Plastics ProjectThe ANSTO Plastics Project is your chance to get involved in ANSTO’s environmental research, and learn more about the effects plastic litter can have on our beaches, waterways and marine wildlife.

ANSTO Plastics Project

Aim to Sustain Students identify and explore ways in which human activity can threaten biodiversity and the health of our planet. Students are encouraged to take positive action to promote sustainability. The four resources: Get the message, Help a habitat, Alien invaders and A world of difference include videos, SMART notebooks, worksheets and links to further interactive resources


Big Thirst PBK Cover Image

Should you drink bottled water? (And other questions for Charles Fishman) | Daniel H. Pink

Buy Kim Toft: The world that we want

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pkg elam plastic pollution in oceans_00021915.jpg

Trash hampers search for missing plane - CNN Video

Garbage Island - Not very pretty at all, but a place where everything ends up, eventually...

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#DiveAgainstDebris today and support the movement for a trash free ocean - Photo Malik Naumann - Marine Photobank

Twitter / projectaware: #DiveAgainstDebris today and ...

When you throw it "away" it goes somewhere... REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE

Great Pacific garbage patch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lots of our trash ends up in the ocean. Here is how long it takes for them to decompose (if ever). Diapers and plastics take 450 years :(


Ocean Garbage | @Amy Lyons Larson

Ocean Garbage - Masters Degree

There is a garbage patch in every major ocean on the planet.

Visual Page 49 | - Part 49

Plastic trash on a beach in Hawaii

Algalita: studying an ocean of plastic

Ocean trash.

Sooner or Later.

Ocean trash poster

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This Is How Your Plastic Bag Ends Up In Massive Ocean Garbage Patches. Be aware. Make a Change. #EarthDay

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Find out 10 amazing facts about #ocean through this #infographic

10 Amazing Facts About Our Oceans -

Collapsing Seas, Threats to the Oceans #infographic

Threats to the Oceans – Infograph

For every litre of plastic bottled, a 1/4 litre of fossil fuels are used

Twitter / PeterGleick: For every liter of plastic ...

Plastic bag bans: Infographic shows how different regions stack up - Worldwide, we use more than 1 trillion plastic bags every year. Though many areas have worked to ban them, certain industries are against it, as are change-resistant consumers. This global survey shows you the trends.

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No more plastic!

11 Simple Ways To Save The Ocean From Turning Into Plastic Soup