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Audrey Stewart

18. Senior. Amazing friends. Music. :)

so guys whats your favorite songs off of four? i absolutely love no control with stockholm syndrome closely following. :) xx

5 Seconds of Summer // Disconnected

5 Seconds of Summer

Zayn ♡>>> the tears of all directioners

End Up Here - 5 Seconds of Summer

One Direction Four Lyrics - No Control

♡We put the world away, we get so disconnected ♡

I am sorry that this leaked, but I'm totally in love with it.

Fireproof One Direction Lyrics Four

Yay I'm learning how to play this on my guitar! Harder then it looks

She's Not Afraid by One Direction

You heard it. Harry Styles said Age doesn't matter! WOO! I still have a chance!

No Zayn you can't quit... Oh wait a second... Hahahaha... I LOVE ZAYN

Official One Direction Facts.... but can we just talk about the fact that Zayn bought his own album??

Whats your guys favourite one direction song? :) Mines moments and Best Song Everrrrrr:D