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Use glow bracelets as napkin rings for a glow in the dark dinner party!

Get tips and advice on Bar / Bat Mitzvah party planning, including DIY Ideas for Mitzvah Centerpieces.

Using Glow Necklaces as Glow Party decorations and highlights…

Using glow necklaces and glow sticks as centerpiece decorations are an easy and…

Cemetery Cookie Dessert

Cemetery Cookie Dessert - Perfect when you want something cute and you are not artistically creative enough or even have the time to make those over the top graveyard kind of cake!

Room Mom 101: Halloween Party Ideas

Brownie/Pretzel Skeletons: Cut brownies into squares and cover in ganache. Place short bamboo skewer near back of brownie. Slip white chocolate pretzels over skewer. Top with marshmallow; face drawn on w/ edible marker.