Chicken Coop Ideas

Chicken Coop Ideas

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AVIARY idea from old gazebo great idea!

What a pretty fence alternative.

door mechanism

lighting, storage - very classy

cool coop!

Love the way this person has positioned rocks and pebbles around Water-Can ~ no way can chickens kick up dirt from stone and dirty the water.

13 lessons we've learned about chicken coops

how to use chickens in the garden-- love this list of practical ideas that will save me time!

grow vines over chicken pen.

enough to heat a garage.....this site tells you how to do it with soda cans ... heat a greenhouse or coop

the chicken coop checklist

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    You really want me to raise chickens don't you?! Hehe

chicken condo

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    Lol! Omg! This is damn cool!


How to run power anywhere outside. Get electricity on your patio, in your yard or inside a shed without ruining your lawn.

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    Would like to look into this, but " 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use" (FYI)

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    It's a year old pin... Go to the family handyman website and search for the topic. You'll find lots of info.

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"A properly constructed gravity feeder will be the solution to most feeder problems. It can contain as much or as little feed as the handler wishes to keep, it prevents any possible ways for your chickens to get waste into their feed, and it will keep the inside contents dry and pest free."

PVC Chicken Feeder. DIY instructions!

plastic tote brooder

that seems familiar

DIY feeder for grit and oyster shells

Apple Garlands for the Chickens

Breed Retreat Chicken Coop

bulldog to hold tank

How to build a cheap storage shed, play house? Chicken coop?

DIY Chicken Run - This is great to have around your garden area. The chickens will keep the bug population down and fertilize your garden soil.

How to build a cheap storage shed, play house? Chicken coop?