Love this coop and garden. Add a chicken moat and make sure the top of run is covered with a roof. Good access to run from garden and proper door access to coop (although would move to outside of run)

Homemade, automatic chicken waterer with reservoir

In this episode of Ask This Old House: Tom and Kevin construct a backyard chicken coop. Jenn Nawada visits Vermont to learn how maple syrup is made. Christopher Kimball from America's Test Kitchen stops by to tell how maple syrup is graded. And Scott explains how to choose the right USB outlet.

The Chicken Fountain operational at 28°F while this Serama rooster has a sip.

How to Rid your Chicken Coop of Flies - ImaginAcres

Breed Retreat Chicken Coop

Love the way this person has positioned rocks and pebbles around Water-Can ~ no way can chickens kick up dirt from stone and dirty the water.

how to use chickens in the garden-- love this list of practical ideas that will save me time!

Chicken Tractor to sit on top of beds. Notice the chicken coop in the center. Chicken tractor can be moved to the different beds and connect to coop.

DIY Chicken Run - This is great to have around your garden area. The chickens will keep the bug population down and fertilize your garden soil.

Daily Needs - Modular Chicken coop & garden

Apple Garlands for the Chickens

the chicken coop checklist

chicken condo

Eliminate the Cost of Chicken Feed - establish a chicken food forest.

Eliminate the Cost of Chicken Feed - establish a chicken food forest.

Amazing deals on this Weatherproof B&W Security Camera at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices.

Healthy Boredom Buster for Chickens: DIY Flock Block Substitute Recipe

Cinder block heater & water warmer - light bulb inside cinder bock covered with a stepping stone & water container set on top won't freeze......very clever idea! ~ T

Cute~ and, oh so true!!!

"A properly constructed gravity feeder will be the solution to most feeder problems. It can contain as much or as little feed as the handler wishes to keep, it prevents any possible ways for your chickens to get waste into their feed, and it will keep the inside contents dry and pest free."

auto-fill waterer

Fresh Eggs Daily: DIY Breakfast of Champion Layers Chicken Feed Mix

What a great use for an old ladder ... turn it into a roost for chickens! | New use for bales, ladders | Living the Country Life |

bulldog to hold tank