27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

Reuse plastic bottles to close up your plastic bags. Reuse plastic bottles to close up your plastic bags. Make sure your produce is absolutely dry before putting the cap on.

fold shopping bags to 'pop' out of an old wipe container! Brilliant!

Make an embellished grocery bag container!

Plastic bag dispenser out of Lysol Wipes container. Link shows how to roll bags so they come out like the wipes.

Washi Tape or Ribbon Organization using dowels and command hooks

How to Organize Craft Supplies – 20+ Ideas!

Tape Trick On-the-wall Storage by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom Well, well, isn’t this easy? Simply attach stick-on hooks to your wall, and use a dowel to hang your tape collection.

DIY Rotating Goal List

"DIY Rotating Goal List <--Such a good idea!" Great idea to keep yourself organized and on track with work.

Looking for a unique way to organize little knick-knacks around your home? In just a few steps, you can transform a bamboo steamer into this handy little shelf. It's an ideal (and cute) shelf to store thread or small antiques!

Learn how to make this simple bamboo steamer shelf with Paul Lowe, brought to you by Mrs.

From the organized teacher blog

DIY :: A muffin pan becomes a craft caddy. Magnets hold the plastic cups down to make them tip-resistant. Or, if it's an old muffin pan.just glue the cups in place!

Upcycled: Train Garage from a Cassette Tape Holder

Easily transform an old cassette tape holder into a kids train storage unit by cutting out some shelves to allow the toys to fit into the slots.


Clean House Flow Chart: This is great although if it is supposed to be done in one day, I'm laughing.what isn't said is what happens during the arrow parts--with 3 kids, the flow chart should have many tangents:)