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"The tattoo attracts and also repels precisely because it is different." -MARGO DEMELLO, Bodies of Inscription
This #tribal inspired #mandala set combines elements of the earth, moon, geometry, feathers and animal totems.

Mandala Set - Tribal Shaman

This tribal inspired mandala set combines elements of the earth, moon, geometry, feathers and animal totems.

I've never ever liked butterfly tattoos but I like this black and white monarch butterfly one. --it'd mean something bc my mom had a butterfly

omg I want - theres a lot more!

35 Ultra Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

octopus tattoo -- the coloring and detail is blowing my mind! I wouldn't get this, but it is beautiful!

The Real Depth in Octopus Tattoo Meaning : big octopus tattoo. Big red and green octopus tattoo on the man' shoulder.

sugar skulls---my idea would be to do a dragonfly, pansies with contrasting white violets and ostrich feathers as key elements and with complimentary colors of blues, purples and greens then finished off with perhaps wings and Victorian elements

Definitely one of the better sugar skull tats I've seen. Nice to see a relatively accurate skull, and the flower detail is balanced well, Thinking of making this (a flower skull) part of my half sleeve idea :) but a bit smaller

Katelyn Crane - Octopus tattoo. Northridge, CA

32 Cool Octopus Tattoo Design: Octopus Tattoo Design For Men On Upper Back ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration this good for our sibling cephalopod tat?

realistic tattoo art | octopus tattoo # 3d tattoo

tattoo: a realistic eye tattooed on the hand. This image doesn't belong to seiza. For our collection of original tattoo designs visit the 'Original Designs for Tattoos' section.

Sick dotwork sleeve by Michael E. Bennett  #tattoos #tattoo #ink #art #dotwork #sleeves #hookedontattoos

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