school dress..

I loved my plaid dresses as a kid. I went to a school where all the girls wore dresses to school. We could wear pants under our dresses on gym days and winter days, but we had to take them off once gym class was over or we got to school.

1957  if only it had not changed,but it will be better in the future again

Cost of Living in this was before my time! And 25 cents bought enough candy for a week" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

clothes washer

Vintage Maytag Wringer Washer 1930s

I remember using one like this with my Mother in the when we lived in AZ. This machine was in a laundry mat. As a child I helped my Mother with the laundry and we had wringer washers and rinse tubs!

Here they are! Just like my old adjustable Metal Roller Skates

Metal Roller Skates with Key. I used to roller skate down the sidewalk. Our street had a slight hill that was perfect for roller skating up the street then coasting down.

Peddle cars

Peddle cars find them at Clubhouse Interiors UK. These are so cool.

Jessie Wilcox Smith

'Thankful Children' by American illustrator Jessie Wilcox Smith. – an American illustrator famous for her work in magazines such as Ladies Home Journal and for her illustrations for children's books.

The odd positions we would lay in on the floor, especially when talking on the phone.

The odd positions we would lay in on the floor when talking on the phone.I remember hours laying on the floor talking on the phone under the dining room table