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27 Multicultural Books For Kids - No Time For Flash Cards


They thought this was hilarious (and I teach third grade), I used this to lead into them writing to tell me where they were this summer.

dandelions and dragonflies: Back to school!


BOOK -TASTING and TEXT-TASTING: To run book-tasting or text-tasting events, you’ll need several books, short stories or articles and menu covers with task sheet inserts. Students 1) hunt for author’s craft techniques 2) get exposure to multi-genre texts, and 3) discuss why they think authors use specific formats to deliver information. Secure multiple pages with rubber bands to create handy reference booklets that students will use throughout the year. #strugglingreaders (available at TpT)

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Jacqueline Woodson is a native first of Columbus Ohio, then of Greenville, South Carolina, and finally, Brooklyn, New York.  Her nomadic childhood during the tumultuous 1960s and 70s inspired this ...

Craft Study - Brown Girl Dreaming


iPaddling through Fourth Grade-Encourage...Engage...Enlighten...Empower: Global Read Aloud 2015 - Fish in a Tree

iPaddling through Fourth Grade-Encourage...Engage...Enlighten...Empower: Global Read Aloud 2015 - Fish in a Tree


Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin. Rose is obsessed with homonyms. She’s thrilled that her own name is a homonym, and she purposely gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms (Reign, Rein), which, according to Rose’s rules of homonyms, is very special. Not everyone understands Rose’s obsessions, her rules, and the other things that make her different – Hearts will break and spirits will soar for this powerful story, brilliantly told from Rose’s point of view.

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books to read in 2015

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The Nonfiction Detectives: Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans. Upper elementary and middle school readers should read Drowned City for historical context before reading fiction titles such as Upside Down in the Middle of Nowhere, Zane and the Hurricane, Another Kind of Hurricane and Ninth Ward.

Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans


Zane and the Hurricane

Zane and the Hurricane


First line of the book - open to cover of the book.

Twitter / misskubelik: Teen display: read the first ...


great summer reading list - I can't wait to read some of these books!

12 fantastic books to read this summer {2015} - It's Always Autumn


This is my NOTICE AND NOTE guide to HOLES by Louis Sachar. I have included a special note to the teacher and detailed explanations for each of the six signposts I found in the text. Here is a resource for whole class instruction, to review signposts, in conferences, etc. Brought to you by Fab in 5th For more information on how I use this product and signposts check out my blog at: http://www.fabin5th.blogspot.com/.

Notice and Note: Holes


26 Books for Kids Who Love Harry Potter

26 Books for Kids Who Love Harry Potter - Imagination Soup


A GREAT list of books that are impossible to put down!

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8 books to read

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100 Books That Will Make You a Smarter, More Attractive, and Generally More Interesting Young Adult ---> I've read 19 of the 100 so far!!! :) Feeling pretty accomplished, but I MUST READ THEM ALL!

GMHS Media Ctr — 100 Books That Will Make You a Smarter, More...


Wacky Books Reluctant Readers will love...if you need a book idea for the kid who just won't read, this is the list for you!

Wacky Books Will Hook Reluctant Readers


Excellent reading list by Random House! What to read next

What Should I Read Next? The Spring Preview Edition


After reading an excerpt, teachers made their own inkblots in just a few minutes. A great creative break and the kids find this "how to" book fascinating.

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Pairing direct quotes and speeches with a beautiful picture book, Martin's Big Words is a tribute to a celebrated American.

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Imagine a prologue that opens with a third grader telling her mother, "I want to go to jail." In the author's note Cynthia Levinson writes, "History is facts. History is also stories." Through the stories of Audrey Hendricks, Washington Booker, James Stewart and Arnetta Streeter, the Birmingham Children's March is pieced together. Photographs, quotes and primary documents like segregation ordinances bring this beautiful book to life.

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We treasure this book on many levels. Not only does it have the primary document language, it also provides a kid-friendly translation with vocabulary support for each amendment. There is a section about why kids should care about the Bill of Rights as well as a final chapter on the story behind it. Other books in this "What It Really Means" series include the I Have a Dream speech, the Pledge of Allegiance and more.

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If the cover of this book reminds you of 14 Cows for America, that's because illustrator Thomas Gonzalez has created another visual delight. Non-violent protest is the focus of this picture book with actual quotes and facts from Gandhi's march. The verse itself has the rhythm of a march and students will likely think about the role and importance of salt in a whole new way.

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I'm going to have to check out the 100 Books You Can't Put Down. I've read quite a few and they've been good!

100 Books You Can't Put Down - Coupons and Deals - SavingsMania


Love this web site! Free books to read online and they will donate a material book every time you read an online book.

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