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R&D sur un projet de film 3D : KAMIGAZ™ est une jeune société menée tambour battant par Hiro, jeune pilote qui pense avoir trouvé l'idée commerciale du siècle en proposant la livraison de bouteilles de gaz à domicile par voie aérienne. KAMIGAZ™ is a young carried out company drum beating by Hiro, young person pilot who thinks of having found the idea commercial of the century by proposing the delivery of gas bottles in residence by air.
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Grainy tests for video compositing - Add some Xpresso setups, still in progress.. You can follow the project on pinterest ( only images : ) or on the frenchcinema4D forum here ! Thanks for watching or any comment.


UV Layout for the Poilane's Camper Van - Work still in progress.. I have to play with MARI now !


Matte WIP for Hiro's Base .. The small town just below


Man Spends Four Years and Millions of Dollars Building an Epic Truck for His 4-Year-Old Daughter

A personnal project about a little guy called Hiro.. This is the first lowpoly model for the Canyon, just for testing the scale for objects.. I used a simple camap for texturing. Now I have to build a more complexe model and build the texture within ZBrush and Mari. More to Come !! Thanks for watching.. You can follow the project here ( in French ) : Un projet personnel de court métrage sur un ...

UVLayout pour déplier à l'arrache les UVs pour envoyer vers MARI