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Paris, France - Europe travel

Paris has been at the top of my list of places to travel to. When I visit, I will most certainly be renting a scooter so this pic is most fitting! Biking or motorcycling around an area is world different than driving or even walking through it.

Vespa #50  Cuenta la leyenda que, cuando Piaggio la vio, exclamó: «Bello, sembra una vespa» (Bonito, parece una avispa, en italiano) ¡Genial!

Vespa - Marie Celeste may let me borrow hers. I only promised my children I would not ride a motorcycle until they were older, don't think a Vespa counts.

Simpatici orecchini ottenuti riciclando un floppy disk

Creative recycling floppy: earrings of any kind, elegant or playful, depending on the paper we use!