This indulgent Banana Bread and Caramel Ice-Cream Stack takes just three ingredients and less than 10 minutes to make.

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Banana cake with cream cheese frosting: The riper the bananas the better for this classic afternoon tea cake.

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Love banana bread? Why not try it's slightly more exotic sibling, zucchini bread - it's just as moreish, especially dolloped with fresh ricotta and drizzled with honey.

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Good Taste's deputy food editor Katrina Woodman shares her Nan's recipe for banana cake on our blog.

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Looking for a low-fat banana bread? Here's your answer (and read the comments for a no-egg version, too). Of course, we confess we like any banana bread generously slathered with butter, which is not a low-fat option at all. We'll leave that decision to you! ~ recipe Gemma Luongo ~ pic Alan Benson

Banana And Walnut Bread Recipe

BANANA & RASPBERRY CAKE WITH PASSIONFRUIT ICING ~ recipe Kathy Knudsen ~ pic Ben Dearnley/NewsLifeMedia

Banana & Raspberry Cake With Passionfruit Icing Recipe

Banana cake with orange maple sauce ~ recipe Kerrie Ray ~ pic Steve brown/NewsLifeMedia

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BEST-EVER BANANA BREAD! ~ recipe Kerrie Ray ~ pic Steve Brown/NewsLifeMedia

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BANANA CAKE WITH CREAM CHEESE ICING ~ recipe Alison Roberts ~ pic Steve Brown/NewsLifeMedia

Banana Cake With Cream Cheese Icing Recipe

Banana bread is a treat when it's served with a dab of lemon curd, and just heavenly when it's studded with sweet, purple blueberries. ~ recipe Gemma Luongo ~ photography Steve Brown/NewsLifeMedia

Blueberry Banana Bread Recipe