DIY: Stick Wind Chime Sticks, acrylic paints, craft varnish, small screw-eyes, yarn (or fishing line, jute, twine etc.)

Happy Hooligans

Outdoor Music Station for Kids Made from Recycled Materials. Make this with you kids and play with it all summer!

My Nearest And Dearest

shaker from plastic bottle caps

maraca amb xapes

Fantastic Maraca: a tin can, some string and bottle caps!

Pan Flute Kazoo and Bottle Cap Clacker. An Original #kids #craft by #piikeastreet

pot bell made from used flower pot

old spice jars as shackers

Ukuleles and banjos and a specialty of Great Plains Handmade Instruments

Homemade instruments - horn from a garden hose, and a xylophone made with wood and metal kick plates

Water Bottle Rain Stick - great way to recycle those packaging pellets from delivery boxes! DIY musical instrument

As The Bunny Hops®

Banging post, chimes and a tractor tyre drum, awesome outdoor music set up! From Child Central Station: Making Music!

M is for Music: Preschool Lesson Plan - Make homemade maracas from spoons, tape, egg, and rice!

What's up Fagans?

Shaker Eggs - clear plastic eggs, filled with plastic pellets and/or colored sand & sealed with electrian's tape. Simple and brillant

Mama Smiles

Shake, rattle, and roll with a set of these music makers. What youll need Empty yogurt cups Hot-glue gun Popcorn kernels or dried beans Yardstick, wooden spoon o

diy musical instruments - Bing Images

Red Ted Art's Blog

Jam with some Pin Strummers. An Original #kids #craft by #piikeastreet

PVC pipes have endless uses - look at this instrument! (",)

Maracas made out of bottles and toilet paper rolls

Did you know that straws can make music… or rather, that if you cut drinking straws into different lengths, they will make different sounds when you blow into them? Just try it! And when you put them together, there might even be music :)

homemade musical instrument - Rain Stick Music Craft using a recycled bottle & amaranth or quinoa grains

DIY Bottle Cap Finger Symbols

The Scrap Heap Orchestra! 11 British instrument makers made an orchestra full of instruments out of scrap and discarded materials, and the BBC Concert Orchestra performed with them.

Duct Tape Clarinet... LOL, WtF?!