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    Underground house ideas

    A feed of underground and earth-sheltered homes, published by and for display on This pinboard is dedicated to a range of earth-sheltered homes and buildings, with natural and man-made structures

    Underground house ideas

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    Round blue door in underground hobbit house.

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    An earthen-roof shipping container house with a beautiful modern semi-minimalist facade

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    Hundertwasser, his theory for architecture, harmony between human and nature !

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    Moldhuset (literally “the earth/soil house”), a mountain cabin in Vikedal, Norway built by Ole Fatland. Contributed by Ole’s grandson, Johannes Grødem.

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    Straw bale house in Friland Ecovillage, Denmark

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    Repin - This contemporary sod-roofed house occupies a pretty little hideout on the coast. I got up close to look at the roof system; it's got a standard corrugated plastic roof membrane (just like we use for green roofs), then they lay a layer of sod with the roots facing up, then a wire mesh screen, and finally a layer of sod roots-down. The roots bind together through the mesh and form a solid mat.

    Jack's Summer of Fab: Exploring the Real World

    Green roofs look great with modern architecture.

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    The perfect earth home for a rustic wild-crafting lover? Beautiful

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    beautiful earthen-roof home looking out over a pond

    Toronto Artscape Wychwood Barns |

    "Eco-Retro Earth House Designs" - more funky underground homes.

    Going Green Underground: Eco-Retro Earth House Designs

    I'm making this, covering the whole top with grass, and never leaving

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    Green roof in France

    8 Incredible Green Roofs

    No idea what this says, but looks to be fairly large. Kétszintes dombház a Pilis legszélén

    Dombház terve - Pilis szélén
    • Claire Hotard
      Claire Hotard

      It says "Two-story house in the hilly edge of Pilis" in Hungarian

    • Ryan Bishop
      Ryan Bishop

      And this is why I love the global reach of pinterest sometimes :) Thanks! I guess it's a very literal name, and a nice rendering

    Beautiful, uniquely artistic earth-sheltered home with an amazing layout

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    A beautiful, modern earth sheltered home - great view of the landscaping details

    Earth Sheltered

    Solar Pit House - cross section

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    Beautiful, modern earth sheltered home. Stone House por Vo Trong Nghia

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    10) Traditional House in Iceland. / The Green Life ♥

    17 Magical Cottages Right Out of Beautiful Fairy Tales

    Margarethe Heubacher-Sentobe - Haus L (house for a composer), Tirol 1996. Via Margherita Spiluttini.

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    • Judith Paulsel
      Judith Paulsel


    Almost Invisible: Secluded Green Home Buried in Hillside | Designs & Ideas on Dornob

    Almost Invisible: Secluded Green Home Buried in Hillside

    How to Build an Earthship

    How to Build an Earthship

    Beitostølen, Norway by Kari Meijers

    Beitostølen, Norway

    A 1,000 square foot guest retreat -- the Hobbit House of Montana -- is available as a unique vacation rental.

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    solar collectors and wind generator for earth covered deep green residence

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    A rare winter view of an earthship-style underground house

    Tiny House Porn > Earthships - Hobo with a Laptop