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Underground house ideas

A feed of underground and earth-sheltered homes, published by and for display on This pinboard is dedicated to a range of earth-sheltered homes and buildings, with natural and man-made structures

Underground house ideas

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Used to spend hours and hours reading about super energy efficient home designs. Still want one. Someday.

modece architects - housing

House in Norway saving the environment one step at a time grass roofs offer amazing insulation and soak up the water to stop leaking drips!

Amazing house combines earth-sheltered tech with waterfront living for a serene existance

reddit: the front page of the internet

black cabin green roof / The Green Life ♥

The slight downside of grass-roof housing

MT House by Rocco Borromini/ Traona, Italy.


A-beautiful-Hobbit-garden-shed-3 - this is in an earth-sheltered home

Earth Sheltered Homes - No Better Energy Efficiency!

How to build an earth-sheltered greenhouse. Fairly detailed steps documenting their process.

How To Build an Earth-Sheltered Greenhouse

DIY Earth Sheltered Dwelling For Long Term Survival - SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Prepping, Homesteading

Earth-sheltered Greenhouse. Triple the length of your growing season with this simple, energy-efficient design.

Build an Earth-Sheltered, Energy-Efficient Greenhouse

Earth Sheltered Homes and Berm Houses - a great cutaway view of how to set up a bermed home to allow light on each level, (front and back) as well as perfect indoor growing conditions for indoor gardens and green walls.

Earth Sheltered Homes and Berm Houses

Drawing of a berm house with green roof and water catchment/cistern.

Contemporary Part Earth Sheltered Split Level House, Truro, CornwallSuper insulated timber frame sustainable build utilising recycled insulation, breathable construction and natural materials. Passive solar heating, solar thermal and photovoltaic collectors to generate electricity. Underground bedrooms with thermal mass and green roofs. The house has been designed to minimise its impact upon the landscape and environment.

Residential-New Build-Earth Sheltered House

Icelandic Turf Houses For over 1,000 years, Iceland has been constructing these turf houses, which blend into the landscape and capitalize on nature's insulation. While similar constructions in Norway, Scotland, Ireland and Greenland were only built by those who couldn't afford anything else, turf houses in Iceland were even built by tribe chiefs.

12 Hobbit Houses to Make You Consider Moving Underground

Hidden on a Hill

Luxury Real Estate and Celebrity Houses | HGTV FrontDoor

earth sheltered home plans | rendering of the Barrington floor plan (see Earth Sheltered Designs ...

Davis Caves Earth-Sheltered Home

Great, great example of why NOT to use concrete for underground homes. Other huge mistakes were made in this home too. Mike Oehler's underground home building ideas continue to show why NOT to build this way, and what is necessary to build underground successfully. These owners needed to do their homework before buying this clunker. It's too bad.

We don't like our Underground House

Integrated into its surroundings in Serbia: Popovic House

Integrated into its surroundings in Serbia: Popovic House

sod roof cabin

Moldhuset {literally "earth/soil house"}, a mountain cabin in Vikedal, Norway


Rock Cottage, Leek- Staffordshire - England

What do you think of this home? Traditional Turf House in Iceland Due to the difficult climate of the region, original inhabitants used turf roofs atop a wooden frame for their homes. Termite Ventilation in homes / The Green Life ♥

Amazing earthen-roof home slash Waterwheel house. That's as off-grid as off-grid gets.

I WANT TO GO OFF GRID | Living Off the Grid: Free Yourself

Building design in harmony with nature, Styria, Austria! (Hundertwasser)

neat concept for an earth-sheltered neighborhood (CGI concept - origin unknown)