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Les Dessous Chics by Remi Rebillard > photo 1855305 > fashion picture pedalfar:

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Beautiful kiss between Paul Francis & Levi Poulter.

How about we make washing dishes a little more interesting...


girls and guns by petra collins #art

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Beautiful shot if you have the bum for it


You love the two sides of me and how they can change so quickly. Loving you tender then pull your hair. Hmmm

eiseneisen: Photo

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Abbiate giudizio nello scegliere chi volete che vi spogli.  Fare l’amore è un’arte: almeno in questo distinguetevi  dagli animali.

Hamid Fadaei


I think Steve and I would have so much fun...He's not completely shot down the idea of doing this.

good morning you.


Nan Goldin •

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I remember the days I prayed for the things I have now.

Theo gently sweeps his fingers across my cheek. With his other hand, he settles it upon my shoulder. Gently peeling the strap of my chemise down over my upper arm, he maintains eye-contact with me, blushes and then stuns me by tenderly asking my permission if he may undress me further.