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Understanding the Value of Being a Good Samaritan

Jesus tells a parable about a Samaritan who, unlike a Jewish Priest and a Levite, stops to help a Jew who has been attacked and robbed.

Giving Back to the Community

Michael Quinn Kaiser: Top Things You Should Know Before You Volunteer

Leaving Behind the Negative Aspects of Your Life

Commitment, consistency, and a documented plan are important to implement content marketing in shops; there are also important underlying implications.

Giving Inspiration to Your Loved Ones

Sebring FL Child Custody Lawyer Busts Myths On Child Custody Over thе years as a child custody attorney in Highlands FL, I’ve heard parents voice а number оf myths thаt underestimate thе impact оn.

Organizing a Bible Study for Beginners

Throughout all ages, people have turned to the Bible for guidance and hope. There are always room for beginners in Organizing Bible Study.

Why confess?

Death sentence is given to those criminals who tend to do extremely offensive activities.You may have seen in many movies that how the criminal is treated

Sharing Your Good Blessings to Other People

Haiti is still struggling to recover from the earthquake that rocked the nation years ago. Haitians who have taken refuge here may have to return soon.

It’s our responsibility to commune privately with God through prayer.  http://www.thegospellite.com/spiritual-relationship/effective-methods-communicate-properly-god/

What were the key protests against the Catholic Church 500 years ago, and do those same conditions still exist?