Mr. Pish Salutes the Oscars 2013

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the movie poster for skyfall starring james bond as james bond in an underground tunnel
When things go wrong, bring out your double-0 best: FURBALL
the poster for zero dog thirty shows an image of a dog's face with its mouth open
For ten years one dog never stopped searching for the perfect dog treat: ZERO DOG THIRTY
the movie poster for the film la impostiblee, which features two women hugging each other
Only Mr. Pish could do it. It was Impishible.
silver linings fish book movie poster with woman and dog looking at each other's face
He couldn't stop thinking about kibble. Silver Linings Pishbook.
the dog behind the man is next to an image of a man and his dog
The dog behind the man: LINCOLN
a movie poster for the film flight dog, featuring a man in uniform with a dog on his shoulder
The pilot was drunk: the dog wasn't. FLIGHT DOG
the mission was a movie poster for argo
What better cover than a movie about a dog? ARF-O
the poster for the movie, the pishons with a dog looking at the camera
Mix a dog psychologist with sessions and get Pishons!
a movie poster for the film hitchdog with a dog on it's head
The dog behind the man behind the movie: Hitchdog
a movie poster with a man and dog on a boat in the water, one is white
The Life of PISH