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Falling (Fall or Break Author: Barbara Elsborg Publisher: Samhain Publishing Expected publication: March 2015 Pages: 335

This is the kind of guy I picture for Bruce!

One of my eyes is pure blue, simple blue, safe blue. Lots of people have blue eyes so my right eye isn't uncommon at all. But my left eye is blue and brown and even green. People get made into slaves for eyes like my left eye.

Cool Stone Earth Sheltered Home.

Love the concept of earth sheltered homes. Contractor " built my first one (earth bermed) in 1984 in Grafton, NH". Why do we still build energy wasting boxes on a lot that can be easily ravaged by hurricanes and tornados?

With this novel technique you can make an earthbag building to serve as a studio, garden shed, chicken coop, or root/storm cellar — no permit required! Originally published as

Low-Cost Multipurpose Mini building Made With Earthbags. Use this unique building technique to make a studio, garden shed, chicken coop or root/storm cellar — no building permit required!