Beach House Nights

All of the pics related to this board are for my Beach House Nights Series: Lover's Revenge, Something Wet, Up All Night and Back to Basics.
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Lover's Revenge by Lyric James - Dayna stopped when the water covered her hips. She didn't turn to look at Jared, to see his reaction, to see if he was still standing by the shore. She smoothed the plam of her hands over the water in a wide arc and watched as her fingers glistened over the surface.

I was once asked why I never create "moody" art. My answer was simply "I can not" my soul is forever sunshine. My soul constantly looks for the ocean. As the ocean will always soothe my soul. This life is bliss

Beach house

This is a beach house in the Outer Banks, in North Carolina. I've visited here before, and this house may or may not be the one we stayed the Outerbanks.we stay in Corolla but not in a house so grand!

Something Wet by Lyric James - As she pulled her finger out of her mouth, she glanced up to find Logan McMaster's staring at her. She stared back and released the digit slowly and seductively over her bottom lip and smiled.

I'm staring at a bonfire. Her boyfriend seems nice. I hope ur night is happy, beautiful! I wish I could sit next to u at a bonfire. U r here in my heart!

Something Wet by Lyric James - He stopped her and brought her around to face him, pulling her close as his palms traveled down her arms to her hands. "Because I've waiting a while for you to be free."

Beach always give people imagination of romance. Certainly, beach is a mysterious while bracing place. The wedding can’t be more stunning with sparkling waters, clean white sand and splendid sunset.

Up All Night by Lyric James - "Damn," he said as she stepped out of them. "Lie back on the bed."    After she did as he asked, he began at her feet, inched up her legs, past her knees to her smooth thighs and delighted in the little hitched breaths she made the closer he got ...

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"She recognized the car as it got closer and gripped the railing with both hands. The sleek, black two-seater with dark-tinted windows, chrome wheels, and dealer license plate could only belong to only one person. The mistake's best friend, Jared Stephens.

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Window seat in kitchen

Even if we ignored the fantastic view of ocean, this tranquil bedroom definitely holds dream status for sure. Today we’re visiting the master bedroom Coastal Living’s Ultimate Beach Hou…

Lover's Revenge by Lyric James - The sun dipped, leaving only a crescent of its round shape above the midnight black surface of he water. Stars sparkled along the water like twinkling Christmas lights. Because the windows were up, she heard the waves crashing against the surf and snatches of conversations from her guests who were out by the pool carried on the wind. Jared took her hand. "Let's take that walk."

I love this. Reminds me of Anthony and I in so many ways. "I pinky promise to love you forever and for always.

Double porch swing overlooking beach

Double porch swings on a wrap-around porch overlooking the I need the beach house!