The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal

Eclectic art whereby each piece tells more than meets the eye. Surrealist Art that is thought provoking. Each painting is inspired by a philosophical idea or story. Check out our website or call (541) 526-1185!
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an image of a man walking down a road holding a large piece of wood in his hand
X. It’s what’s happening
an image of a painting on the side of a building with words written below it
Alfred Dolezal (@Alfred_Dolezal) | Twitter
a painting with an image of a lighthouse in the water and a quote about it
(1) Alfred Dolezal (@Alfred_Dolezal) | Twitter
a painting with an image of a person standing on top of a yellow surfboard
X. It’s what’s happening
an article about the history of judaism and its origins, with pictures of different places in it
Alfred Dolezal (@Alfred_Dolezal) | Twitter
an image of a painting with the quote every day presents the opportunity to view life from a higher perspective
an abstract painting with many circular objects in the center and mountains behind it, all surrounded by water
Symbolic self actualization | The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal/Terrebonne Oregon
"The Progression of Generations" We are contemporaries on this earth sharing a similar beginning, birth, and a similar ending, death. What is the purpose of our lives? What are we searching for? What is our connection to each other? Some people may never find their answers because they don’t bother to ask questions. Those who understand that we are not a body having a soul, but rather a soul who is having a....Prints and full descriptions available at!
a painting of a carousel with horses and people around it in front of a cityscape
"That Decisive Moment" Carousels go around and around, always ending up where they started, similar to our daily habits. There comes the time, that decisive moment, when you decide to quit making the same mistakes that create the same negative situations. You can change what you acknowledge. See more at
an artistic painting with numbers and images on it
"The Fibonacci Trail" Every single person is somewhere on the Fibonacci trail. The journey originates at mile zero and separates regress to the left from progress to the right. After one chooses his direction, sequential actions expand in proportion. Results from the actions of the left side flow as murky water into the river of mankind mingling with the clear water from the right side, producing the imperfect world we presently live in. See more at
a painting of some mountains and trees
The Three Sisters The Three Sisters are three volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range in Oregon, each exceeding 10,000 feet in elevation. They were named Faith, Hope and Charity by early settlers but are more commonly known today as the North, Middle and South Sister. Each mountain peak embodies a loving glance and emphasizes the principles of patience, understanding and service. They remind us that when we trust in a universal source of wisdom and love...See more at
a painting of fruit and cheese on a table
"Abundance" There is a universal blueprint for insuring your financial and physical well-being called the law of abundance. Everything that you require or desire is available to receive if you allow it in. Any action done from the point of lack, struggle, fear or doubt will create only more of the same. By visualizing with happiness, joy and passion how you want your life to be, what you think about and how you feel about it attracts like things.
a painting of a man standing on top of a surfboard
Symbolic self actualization | The Art of Alfred A. Dolezal/Terrebonne Oregon
"THE SILENT VOICE OF NATURE" The entity travels on an endless road of time and space. The dark, undulating line shows the continuous path of life and afterlife, with an exchange of bodies at each crossing of the red timeline. The similar curves along the dark line represent the constant alternation of wakefulness and sleep. The waves within these curves depict the basic life need of breathing in and breathing out. Water evaporates and collects in a cloud, whereupon
a painting of a person pointing to the sky on a road that is surrounded by trees
THE CONUNDRUM OUR JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE IS A CONUNDRUM - a series of challenges that seem confusing and without logical answer. We often rely on questionable sources and biased opinions to find our way, sifting through limited belief systems to find our own truths. Because we charge these beliefs with emotions, we give them energy and power to control us, symbolized by the intense swirling waterspouts. In doing so, we create...
an image of the word eco painted in different colors and shapes on a purple background
"The Essence of Energy" THE AWARENESS THAT EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED raises humanity to a higher level. Like a fractal image, the energy that resonates within yourself in the home, exponentially repeats and expands in the city, throughout the country and across the earth. Similar vibrations attract similar vibrations and the law of attraction responds to this frequency. What you think about...
an artistic painting with many circles around it
The Ultimate Irony
This painting is divided into two segments and illustrates the historical significance of the nation karma of Germany and Israel. The left side displays Babi Yar, a ravine outside of Kiev, Russia where thousands of Jewish civilians were eradicated in two days. The right side shows Jerusalem. Although it can take just one bullet to end a person's life, ironically 36 assassination attempts were made on Hitler's life. Incredible circumstances repeatedly caused these....