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Sustainable Design

Technology is making it easier and more cost-effective for professionals across design, engineering, and manufacturing disciplines to incorporate sustainable design into their workflows.

Sustainable Design

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Solar Tower Systems GmbH: Sunlight-reflecting mirrors: Bavarian Autodesk #Cleantech Partner uses Autodesk simulation software to bring sun to an otherwise dark valley.

Autodesk - Sustainable Design - Customer Stories

Brooklyn Grange - A Rooftop Garden Grows in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Grange - A New York Growing Season

Oversized Backpacks Deliver Cheap Local Energy

Blog | Impact Design Hub

With This Bio-Reactive Food Label, Sell-by Dates Could Become Obsolete #impactdesign

Forget Everything You Know About Toilets—These 4 Designs Flush Without Water #impactdesign

When Disaster Strikes, This May Be the Most Crucial Aid of All #impactdesign

WindPax changes how we power with portable wind turbines #cleantech

WindPax - Designs that Power

Autodesk Cleantech Partner SolePower powers devices with every step #cleantech

SolePower - Power by Walking

Doors of Perception: John Thackara talks about the intersection of design and social innovation

Bumpy roads cost fuel efficiency so Pedal Logic adjusts the accelerator for you, saving fuel.

Autodesk - Sustainable Design - Customer Stories

The Autodesk Cleantech Partner Program launched in China this week! Congratulations all!

欧特克在中国启动清洁技术合作伙伴项目 - 产业和信息化 - 赛迪网

A New Twist on Floor Tiles Gives "Power Walking" New Meaning #impactdesign

How can we use design to tackle the world's most pressing challenges? Learn more about the design-led revolution.

Learn more about the design-led revolution and some tools to help you create a better world.

Sustainable Design | Join the Design-Led Revolution | Autodesk

QBotix: Defeating carbon emissions 1 robot at a time

QBotix | Robotic Tracking System For Solar Farms | Autodesk

Design-led revolution manifesto

Design-led revolution manifesto

The design-led revolution is here – let’s deliver more to humanity while taking less from the planet! #designledrev

Dlr 60 102914_h264_learnmore

The design-led revolution. How will you design a better future?

Smartflower energy technology imitates nature's form and function, defying solar stereotypes. They're an Autodesk Cleantech Partner.

Have an extraordinary design that enhances our world? Submit it for a chance to win a trip to Autodesk University #AU2014

How is #impactdesign transforming communities and changing lives? Find out at Autodesk's Design Night in San Francisco on September 4, 2014 6-10pm.

#Green is Good Radio: Thinking Differently About #Design with Autodesk's Lynelle Cameron

Closing the loop: reNature's biodigesters provide a solution for food in landfills #cleantech