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All Things Witchy

Paraphernalia of real and imagined witches throughout the ages; emphasis on Wicca. Eclecticism embraced with appreciation of ancestral folklore and traditions. For more in-depth culture visit my "_____ Magick" boards; for holidays & Sabbats see their individual boards.

All Things Witchy

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Pentagram - make your own pentagram and decorate it as a beautiful, protective ornament for the Wiccan in your life.

The wheel of the year

Priestess of Delphi John Collier

We Are Being Hunted : Photo

Kinuko Y Craft

October Wallflower

Ruled by Saturn by fdasuarez on DeviantArt

Ruled by Saturn by fdasuarez on DeviantArt

Magick Wicca Witch Witchcraft: #Witches.

Sybil Leek was an English witch, astrologer, psychic and occult author who wrote more than 60 books on occult and esoteric subjects. Dubbed "Britain’s most famous witch" by the BBC, she was a colourful character in her time. Her trademarks were a cape, loose gowns, a pet jackdaw named Mr. Hotfoot Jackson perched on her shoulders, and a crystal necklace that she claimed had been passed down to her from her psychic Russian grandmother.

Sybil Leek - Famous Witches - Witchcraft

Owl Knife A beautifully sculpted realistic owl forms the crosspiece of this knife. Wings spread wide and talons forward ready to strike. The pommel has the image of a barren tree against the full moon, the tree the owl calls home.

I'm sorry! This artwork doesn't exist or has been sold!

Incantation of a Gypsy Priestess Art Nouveau by EmilyBalivet, $15.00

For those burnt down candles. Pour boiling water into old candle holders. The boiling water will melt the wax and let it float to the top. Scoop out once water is cool.

Rope and Steam : Photo #provestra

Rope and Steam : Photo

Wiccan Supplies, Witchcraft Supplies & Pagan Supplies Experts-Eclectic Artisans: Maiden, Mother & Crone chalice $21.95

The Hermit by Mezamero on DeviantArt

The Hermit by Mezamero on DeviantArt

Sketch of Tiffany by JuneJenssen on DeviantArt

Sketch of Tiffany by JuneJenssen on DeviantArt

Gods and Monsters by fdasuarez on DeviantArt

Gods and Monsters by fdasuarez on DeviantArt

White Diamond Large White Feather Mohawk by TheHatterDesigns,

Blinding moon | by SynistyM

Vintage Witch - Mother Goose



The knowledge what kind of feather is best used for what kind of intent can only be found out by having a knowledge of the different birds... A pigeon feather is not as helpful for creating a defense strategy than a feather taken from a bird of prey, obviously... So, with the Corvidae family, knowing that Crow is the Guardian of Ceremonial Magick and Healing... you know that adding a Crow Feather to this sort of Spell or Ritual would make sense and add to your working. []

The Tree of this is amazing!!!