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Hi, my name is Iahel Alexander, and Welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay. Also I would like to state for the record THAT I AM NOT ANY OF THESE WOMEN, SO STOP WITH THE CREEPY QUESTIONS!

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Victoria Lee by Max Abadian for Glamour UK April 2012

Brunette is hot. Actually, it is more than hot. It is fun, smart, and elegant. 2012 is all about bold, bright, and rich colors. Brunettes can take it to the next level with hints of cinnamon and cocoa. Here you will find the hottest Brunettes colors...

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Feria Wild Ombre is the first at-home ombre system, lightens hair lengths in a stroke. Patented expert brush for quick and precise application customize your ombre look - from subtle to bold.

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100 Super Easy DIY Braided Hairstyles for Wedding Tutorials

Braids hairstyle is always fun to have. But applying same style everyday is no more fun; moreover it is kind of boring. For getting rid of your boredom on your favourite braid hairstyle you can make some changes. Read this post below. I have made this

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