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I want this CAKE!!*All you do is take your favorite cake recipe, bake and let cool. Before frosting, make sure your cake is shorter than a kit-kat bar, if not trim some off the top to leave room for the M’s. Frost with your favorite frosting. Take a bunch of kit-kat bars (about 4 large packages), cut or gently break each bar into two sections. Place the bars on the cake, gently pushing into the frosting. Tie with a ribbon and fill the center with M’s (about 1 large bag).

Cherry Limeade Cupcakes

These were really yummy. But for me, the frosting didn't work. Instead of regular butter, I used butter I could have. (dairy-free) And it was all watery and grainy. I bought a can of vanilla frosting and put cherry juice in it. :)