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papatyayshem crochet bobble texture squares. What an awesome afghan this motif would make


Granny Square Day 2015! And More Awesomeness on Instagram.

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Circle crochet pattern blanket


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Zpagetti Crochet pattern Square Baset | Soulmade


Zpagetti Crochet pattern Square Baset

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Cute Pattern! And it's free.


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from nelnanandnora

Crochet Babywearing Cover Tutorial

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When I was carrying my girls in slings, I tended to improvise with covers such as a toddler sized waterproof coat with the sleeves tucked around the sling. It's only more recently, when making for ...

Crochet Babywearing Cover Tutorial

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Have you wondered how to find tons of free crochet patterns?

How to find free crochet patterns ~ Cream Of The Crop Crochet™

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Interesting crochet - to try! ༺✿Teresa Restegui✿༻

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Do you know how to crochet, but feel like patterns are a foreign language? You're not alone! Many of us crocheters learn how to do the stitches from a family member or friend, and don't learn to read the patterns until much later. And it's true, reading a pattern can be scary... but well worth learning how! Once you can read a pattern, y

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Esta semana se ha celebrado en Madrid – pese a quien le pese, ejem – la semana…

Guirnaldas arcoíris de ganchillo