Favorite lines. XD

Favorite lines.

The cast of Harry Potter discussing their favorite lines. Oh George. I literally can't stop laughing at George's. "morning," *harry and ginny turn to stare at him wide eyed,*

:*-{ I'm gonna go cry now

But did Lavender actually die? She was attacked by Greyback in the book. She couldn't have lived & just had the same "Furry little problem" as others?<<<"furry little problem"

21 “Harry Potter” Fanfictions To Read Before You Die -- Pin now, read later

21 "Harry Potter" Fanfictions To Read Before You Die

Want it!!

"read the first few pages, and it's actually really interesting because I understand the examples. Those stories are then applied to Psychology principles, which makes the principles so much more clear." (I need this for my psych class)


pinning source said: HARRY POTTER FOR LIFE AND INFINITY(we can also make musicals) <- And we can cause such a huge ruckus the powers that be decided to make more movies just to shut us up.

I can actually picture these guys as the Marauders and having this conversation....

Seriously, this fan casting is brilliant. And I love Newt in FBAWTFT, but I kind of want a Marauders movie.

also shows how history repeats itself -- this is one of the most beautiful HP posts if seen.

also shows how history repeats itself -- this is one of the most beautiful HP posts if seen. Also, I've always thought of Luna as Snape?

Everyone can stop. She just won life. Best. Story. Ever. Also the fact that they bleeped out "twilight" makes me happy.

She wins life! If they don't name their son Harry they're living their life wrong. Oh and the work starred out is Twilight.

Hogwarts will always be my home.

Its when I see pins or posts like this that I am happy that my New Years Resolution is to read Harry Potter

Oh my gosh this is great

Royals - Lorde (fangirl edition)<----fandoms need me, my books need me

apply cold water to the burned area -> PERSASSY STRIKES AGAIN!<--- I was going to re pin anyway but that made it better!<-------Can someone explain to me WHY ON EARTH Annnabeth let him grow out his hair?<------- Can someone explain to me WHY ON EARTH this chick is flirting with a taken man? <<<< MAYBE THAT IS ANNABETH AND THEY'RE JOKING AROUND<<<< I've seen this pin so often and never realized that it's Percy Jackson!

It's Tuesday.

Just Logan Lerman!) percy jackson b.)pirates/bucaneers needs to watch this movie!: The three musketeers

Have a channel just for fandom game shows. I would watch it all the time.

Oh my poor heart, I'll go sob now...

Also, Lily called Sirius 'Padfoot' in the letter, the name only his closest, dearest friends knew. The Marauders were such a tightly knit family, Sirius would certainly have mourned deeply enough to carry the letter even through Azkaban. Gonna go sob now.