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Gallery - Bamboo Forest / Vo Trong Nghia Architects - 4

vietnamese architects vo trong nghia (VTN) have completed their first project in japan, a bamboo pavilion constructed for tokyo’s TOTO gallery MA.

Bamboo DIY | How to Make a Bamboo Bed?

In this DIY tutorial we'll show you how to make a bamboo bed with very basic hand tools and without the use of any metal nails or screws.

O designer Libero Rutilo criou vasos incríveis para dar um novo uso às garrafas plásticas. A idéia era fazer um modelo de vaso impresso em 3D que pudesse ser colocado em cima de uma garrafa plástica (PET) e pudesse ser rosqueado como uma tampa.                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Designer Libero Rutilo of DesignLibero, has created a unique way to give life back to used plastic water bottles. His idea was to create a printed sculptural vase exterior, that can be placed over the top of a water bottle, and can be screwed on like a

Africa | A Dorze man building his home in the Chencha, southern Ethiopia.  The Dorze people are famous for their huge huts, resembling a giant beehive. Although these huts look fragile, they can last up to 60 years. The about 12 metres high huts, looking like a beehive, are constructed with vertical hardwood poles and woven bamboo and have thatched roofs of enset (false-banana) | © Sergio Pessolano

Dorze man building a hut in Chencha, Ethiopia. The Dorze are known for their beehive-shaped houses made of organic materials such as bamboo sticks, leaves, grass and the false banana.

Bamboo Lashing Techniques (2/4)

Bamboo Lashing Techniques (2/4)