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25 ways to keep your kids busy - without television It's always nice to have extra ideas in your arsenal for those days when you just can't of anything fun to do.


The Greatest Party on Earth!

The Gravity-Defying Bongo Board: This simple device will thrill your little daredevils. Challenge kids to see who can stand on the board the longest without letting the ends touch the ground. Our directions give a couple of sizes for the board and for the pipe, so you can choose the degree of difficulty. (Balancing is easier on a wider board and pipe, harder on a narrower board and pipe.)


Baby Reflexology .. yay I saw this before and didn't pin it .. now i can! :)


I love this, CHRISTMAS BUCKET...Kiddos unwrap an activity a day......write letters to Santa, make homemade ornaments, sort through toys to give to a shelter, go look at Christmas lights, Hot chocolate before bed, Christmas movie and so on.


Must-Have Books for Creating a Family Travel Plan

{3 Must-Have Books for Creating a Family Travel Plan} If you could travel anywhere in the world to teach your child about another culture, where would you take them?


Birthday Balloon Game… with Hidden Dollar Bills! ~ from {such a fun game, and your kids will LOVE the surprise inside!} #birthday #party #games