18 Funny Animal Pics for Monday

Just pin it. It's not any special potato but, poor of it ;<---shut up this potato very special potato don't hurt potato's feelings

Not even gonna risk it

Hey going to the concert and is opening so, I mean I guess they have a better chance of noticing me.

I love these two not only as Lucas and Maya, but also as Peyton and Sabrina!

Peyton and Sobrina from Girls meets World - - never seen the show or its predecessor - but that's funny (and I've done that too) - Finding Nemo, Disney

DIRECTIONER, that's what I am :'3

All of you are perfection and don't you EVER doubt it. I truly do not think I would be here without my amazing Directioner Family and the boys!

So true!

Funny female dictionary which will make you laugh hard. Funny female dictionary image with funny meaning of Nothing, forget it = You better figure out what you did wrong. Are you tired? = Please don't go to sleep.

oh harry...

One direction. Lol I still love u Harry even f u r a homeless rice farmer

Goodness.... I haven't actually thought that one through... Ummmm... Never? I just know they are always on my mind!

Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne One Direction :)

But it's okay :) because I will not accept anyone except Harry Styles

I expect = gorgeousness (Zayn), sensitivity (Liam), an appetite (Niall), hair I can run my fingers through (Harry), and a crazy sense of humor (Louis). THIS IS TRUE

Pretty much

hungry although i can draw, help break records, photo shop, and kind of sing


couldn't decide whether i should pin this to my board or my wedding board.